Uploading Music & More

Get your audio files & Cover art ready then go to Create Release

Yes, this is one of the fields you are asked to complete when adding a release to your account. If you select a release date in the future, your music will appear in stores on the date you specified.

If you’ve set a future release date, your music will appear in stores on the date you specified.

If you’ve set a past release date, your music will appear in stores as soon as possible.

Note: If it’s important that your music go live on a specific date (in all chosen stores at the same time), choose a release date at least 4 weeks a head into the future. If you choose a release date less than four weeks in advance, there’s a chance your album could still be stuck in a stores’ review queue (or some other unforeseen delay) when your release date comes around.

Yes, you can select which or how many stores your sent to. We can release your music to hundreds of major online music stores, including but not limited to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Pandora, iHeatRadio and many more.

Every platform and store works on a different delivery schedule. Content can be available at different times depending on the platform. When uploading content, please allow at least 3-4 weeks in advance to ensure your content will be available on as many platforms as possible.

If you already officially released your album, even as a physical release, please specify the original release date at the upload Music form.

This includes different versions of a previously released album (remastered, re-issue, deluxe, etc.) 

If you rerecorded the album, however, then it does not count as previously released.


Formatting Details

You will need your audio in WAV format only , as well as artwork to the specifications of 3000 x 3000 pixels, JPG or PNG format.