New Partnership Alert! DPM Network Music Distribution & PortalDisc the 1st Chilean Music Streaming App

We are excited to announce that DPM Network Music Distribution is partnering with PortalDisc the 1st Chilean Music Streaming App. Now Client from DPM Network Music Distribution that is based in Chile. Will be able to select PortalDisc as New Store to distribute their music.

What is PortalDisc?

PortalDisc is the largest platform for the promotion and distribution of Chilean music. It began 12 years ago by creating an unprecedented download portal, which currently has more than 130.000 songs, 15.000 albums, 300 labels, 7.000 artists, 35 musical genres from all periods and regions of Chile. PortalDisc is a benchmark in the Chilean music industry, a small country but with enormous musical activity. Every year more than 1.500 Chilean albums are released by independent artists and labels (
PortalDisc App is the new stage of PortalDisc, a new home to embrace and give a new impulse to this wide and diverse catalog. It is also a commitment to a most personalized, close, and human-scale experience, a new way of highlighting the identity and culture of such a distant and special country said Sebastian Milos, Founder, and Director of PortalDisc.

“I am extremely excited to be working with Portal Disc & Portal Disc App The first streaming service from Chile is one of the most exciting regions in music right now with multiple music genres like Andina, Chilota, Clasica, Cuenca, Cumbia, Electronic and many more and we’re happy to be contributing to the Chile music market. and able to work with them to Distribute to Portal Disc, along with learning more about the region, Music and its incredibly talented artists and music.” Said José Irizarry, Founder, and CEO of DPM Network Music Distribution