Reporting and Payment Schedule

Reporting Period – Mean the month of when we report the earning from your streaming or download, For example, the January report will show all royalties earned during the month of January. 

Estimated Reporting & Payment Date – This are the estimated dates that DPM Network Music Distribution will provide the results for the reported period and when royalties will be added to your account balance. (For example, The royalties of January, February & March will be provided between the dates of May 30 and June 10.) Please keep in mind these dates may change to be sooner or later based on factors of the DSP reporting.

Reporting PeriodEstimated Reporting & Payment Date
Q1-Jan, Feb, MarMay 30 - June 10
Q2-Apr, May, JunAugust 30 - September 10
Q3-Jul, Aug, SeptNovember 30 - December 10
Q4-Oct, Nov, DecFebruary 29 - March 10