What is Pretzel.Rocks?

Pretzel provides fully licensed music for live streamers on Twitch. As you may know, Twitch offers an amazing opportunity to have your music heard by diverse audiences and potential fans all over the world. Twitch now has over 8.7m unique. broadcasters every month, attracting close to an average of 2.7m concurrent viewers.

If you’re interested in having your music heard on Twitch, there’s a two-step process.



The master recordings will be delivered to Pretzel by DPM Network Music Distribution once you ‘opt-in’

DPM Network Music Distribution - Pretzel Deliveries - Opt-In

Please enter your Label Group name (Company Name) within DPM Network Music Distribution


Pretzel also requires composition/publishing rights to be cleared.

  • If you are a client of DPM Network Music Publishing, we will be processing this internally and delivering this information to Pretzel. Rock


If you own and/or represent these rights, Pretzel has provided a form for clearing your composition rights above. Please complete that with the relevant information.

IMPORTANT – For your music to appear on the Pretzel DSP, Pretzel must clear the composition/publishing rights for the respective master recording(s)